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SOL Ltd. was established in 2014 by professional individuals, to entry to the premium quality home devices market, with devices which offers great and unique customer satisfaction.

Firstly, the SOL-ONE device with air purification and scenting function was introduced, other devices in different style, and other functionals are in development phase.

The design and production is done in Europe.


SOL-ONE motivation goal

Our team

The management has more than 25 years relevant business experience in the field of air cleaners, product development, business development and marketing in these special markets.

Based on this strong fundaments a systematic product (and also business) development was started. Our target is to reach and conquer international markets with market-generating, unique products to establish a solid business. 

Our goal is to serve our customers with special smart devices which help to live a more healthy life.


5 functions in 1 body

SOL-ONE is a multi-purpose smart indoor equipment. SOL-ONE is not just an air cleaner, it is the world’s first Smart Air Care device with 5 functions in 1 beautiful body

SOL-ONE 5 functions in 1 body

  • Purifies your air - operating silently with advanced filter and low operational costs.
  • Ionizes your air - by emitting 20 millions of negative ions in a second makes your air 99% bacteria-free.
  • Scents your air - offering you a wide variety of interchangeable scents.
  • Lights your mood - giving you the option to harmonize the mood lighting color from 8000 tones.
  • Smartphone controlled - with freely downloadable iOS or Android apps.

For all devices we are using premium materials and precise assembly.
The procelain body is hand crafted and hand made in Hungary.


What does the ionizer in SOL-ONE Smart Air Care device do?


First of all „negative ions are positive“.

The modern homes and offices forcing us to live in unhealthy environments. But why would you ask? Computer terminals, fluorescent lighting, forced air ventilation systems, and modern building materials generate an over abundance of positive ions.

Positive ions make us feel tired, depressed and irritable.

Balancing the ionization in your home and workplace may help you live a healthier life. The worlds most tranquil and refreshing regions are loaded with billions of negative ions. Air near waterfalls, mountains, beaches and forests are among those places where ionization levels are the highest and in complete and natural balance.

SOL-ONE have a special Ionizer-tower, that help to trap airborne particles, to more efficiently clean the air in your home.

When the SOL-ONE ionizer is turned on, voltage is applied to a series of built-in needles, creating electrons which are discharged into the air. When these electrons attach to air molecules, ions are formed.

These negative ions are dispelled into the room where they attach to dust, pollen, cigarette smoke and pet dander to form larger particles, which can more easily be trapped by your 
air cleaner's filters. However, these particles can also descend to the floor to be vacuumed later, or attach to positively charged surfaces in the room.

Negative ions are present in our environment, wherever the air is ‘stirred up’, especially around waterfalls, ocean surf, rivers and mountains. Positive ions are also present around us, in carpets, draperies and allergens in our home.

Many people believe that negative ions promote wellness, and as such, provide additional benefits when there are more negative ions than positive ones in the air we breathe.

In summary, ionizers enable your air purifier to work more efficiently, helping you breathe better, as long as your filters are changed as required, and the particles that have settled on surfaces in your home, are vacuumed or dusted frequently.



SOL-ONE First Smart Air Care device


Air quality

Problems like global warming, acid rain and ozone depletion are well known but can seem remote from the daily life in our cities. A more direct concern is the link between air quality and human health. Most of our activities are taking place in urban areas where almost 80% of the European population lives. Air pollution causes health effects and environmental problems. Typical air pollutants that cause immediate concern are listed below. 


Particulate matter (PM10/2.5)

Airborne particulate matter varies widely in its physical and chemical composition, source and particle size. PM10 particles (the fraction of particulates in air of very small size (<10 µm)) and PM2.5 particles (<2.5 µm) are of major current concern, as they are small enough to penetrate deep into the lungs.


Nitrogen oxides (NOx)

NOX is a term used to describe a mixture of nitric oxide (NO) and nitrogen dioxide (NO2). They are inorganic gases formed by combination of oxygen with nitrogen from the air. 

Ozone (O3)

Ground-level ozone (O3), unlike other pollutants mentioned, is not emitted directly into the atmosphere, but is a secondary pollutant produced by reaction between nitrogen dioxide (NO2), hydrocarbons and sunlight. 

Hydrocarbons (HC) and volatile organic compounds (VOC)

HC belong to a larger group of chemicals known as volatile organic compounds (VOC). HC are compounds of hydrogen and carbon only, while VOC may contain other elements. 

Sulphur dioxide (SO2)

Fossil fuels contain traces of sulphur compounds, and SO2 is produced when they are burnt. The majority of the SO2 emitted to the air is from power generation, and the contribution from transport sources is small.

Carbon monoxide (CO)

CO is an odourless, tasteless and colourless gas produced by the incomplete burning of materials which contain carbon, including most transport fuels. CO is toxic, acting by reaction with haemoglobin and reducing its capacity for oxygen transport in the blood. Even in busy urban centres, CO concentrations rarely exceed health related standards.

Online air quality index:

Please check out the air quality in your place! But don't forget that indoor air quality is 5-10 times worst then outdoor!










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